Monday 5 August 2013

Girls and Boys React in Different Ways

It is often seen that adolescent girls and boys communicate in different ways . Girls often talk to each others heads is to share their feelings and experiences directly. Teenage boys tend to study their peers more indirectly, by discussing opinions of more abstract phenomena, like sports or music. it is  also tempting to speculate that linguistic differences also affect  how teenagers interact with their parents.

when parents impose some heinous new restriction on their teenage offspring's liberty, girls react with long articulate arguments challenging the perceived injustice,whereas boys express their rebellion by simply defying the new restriction and then mutely accepting any resulting parental retribution and then mutely accepting any resulting parental retribution.Maybe the screams and sulks of adolescence should be see fossil evidence of our species quest for superiority .adolescence is not only elaborate and protracted set of bodily changes, but even more importantly it is most crucial phase in the ponderous and demanding development of the huge human brain. adolescent brain are special because it is site of spectacular restructuring. the emotional, cognitive and linguistic changes of adolescence make it the central part of human life plan-this is the cerebral crossroads at which all the aspects of our mental life meet .
 However Teenagers change so fast that their life can become precarious balancing act-and we see that this makes them intrinsically unstable when confronted with drugs, relationships and sex.Many of the things teenagers do are just harmless investigation of the world around them, but others can be repercussions that will live with them rest of their many developed countries the most common causes of teenage death are accidents,homicide and suicide.clearly things can go very wrong . teenagers can pay an enormous price for being the pinnacle of human evolution .

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