Wednesday 22 May 2013

FAMILY , Is very Family a Home Sweet Home

Its said that a complete family makes a person happy , makes him / her complete . But is it true in case of every ones  family , does everyone thinks that their home is home sweet home .Well  let me tell you one thing  none of the family is 100% perfect every family has different kinds of negative energy in their family as we tell that it is not necessary for every person to be compatible with everyone similarly everyone in the family are not compatible with each other , there are some family where children are not compatible either with their parents their brothers and sisters , other elder and junior members in the family .some people consider that problem arises only in larger family mainly joint family where there are larger members and it is very difficult for them to cooperate among themselves , each and every member is dependent on one another for work , thee arises the feeling of jealousy among the members , jealousy among children which arises due to either seeing education  prosperity , jealousy  among the  elder members due to prosperity in business  e.t.c .

Well this ind of problem not only happens in case of joint family but even in small families which comprises of very few members as in 2 or 3 members even ,  often it is seen that when a parents are not liberal or the relation ship of both the couples are not adjustable , then in such a family fights happening regularly is very common , mainly this kind of family  is a family where male dominated the female and females are given least respect , in some family it is been seen that when there is no prosperity in financial matter and in business , the males they generally get into their habit of drinking  regularly going to bad places for their joy , they enjoy company of other women than their own wife , and when they come back home the only thing they do is to beat their wife on regular basis and uses abusive languages for both children and mothers , the common slang language they use for their wife  and children is prostitute , or that they go and do sex with other boys , they doubt heir children in every single thing  and even term them as bad and raise  question on their character , this kind of men don't   mind sleeping with other women and making sex as their daily food , and wasting their  money and making their family suffer loss , not paying money for education or clothing , they don't care for their family , they don't have the guts to fight with people outside the house but only with people inside the house  , that's their biggest weakness . They consider alcohol as their best friend and slowly they start hating those people who moves forward them in their carer and likes to make friendship with low grade , down market people as their thoughts are even down market .and then they take out their frustration by torturing their family members .

The other kind of family is where girls are considered as mean  , girls are thought to be bad if they wear short dresses   questions are raised against them , and thus in some family some girls are not sent to co educated colleges . in this situations a child becomes more aggressive and consider their parents as their enemy , and thinks mentally either o kill them or throw them out of house as a sense of revenge .
the education and concentration capacity of child is even lost , mind gets diverted to other area and some positive aspects are they become more practical in their life , becomes emotionally strong and learn how to fight bad situations in life .

The other kind of family is joint family where a person  feels irritated of constant poking of nose in others personal life , thus they feel that no privacy is left in their  life , their i lack of space in their life and they want freedom like birds. Other kinds of families are where people are disappointed about the fact they don't have a son ,  and some even though they have more then  1 daughter or son they are not being able to take care of both of them equally , partiality takes , one gets more attention and the later feels ignored , there are some parents who can see the prosperity of one child and cannot see the prosperity of  other child .there are loads of differences in different family , whereas in upper families , people living are different , they are very much liberal , and there are some families , where child doesn't like their home because differences are made between boy and girls , boys are given more preference than girls .
There are certain situation where a child doesn't enjoy their family life because they always see their parents fighting , beating , the they get divorced live separate life .

Thus making of comparison with other family is wrong , and even thinking that other family is good  and our bad is a wrong concept , where that actual fact is every family has same problem , all the vulgar slang's are used for children  and elders in  all the family so its no use of thinking about the vulgar  slang . there are some people you cant change , but you have t keep control on your emotions , and to thinking  about he worst situation continuously and move forward in life , keep your mind happy , don't brood over what has happened , and either you get used to family situation or be independent , get more involved in work make yourself busy  and speak less in home .