Wednesday 22 May 2013

FAMILY , Is very Family a Home Sweet Home

Its said that a complete family makes a person happy , makes him / her complete . But is it true in case of every ones  family , does everyone thinks that their home is home sweet home .Well  let me tell you one thing  none of the family is 100% perfect every family has different kinds of negative energy in their family as we tell that it is not necessary for every person to be compatible with everyone similarly everyone in the family are not compatible with each other , there are some family where children are not compatible either with their parents their brothers and sisters , other elder and junior members in the family .some people consider that problem arises only in larger family mainly joint family where there are larger members and it is very difficult for them to cooperate among themselves , each and every member is dependent on one another for work , thee arises the feeling of jealousy among the members , jealousy among children which arises due to either seeing education  prosperity , jealousy  among the  elder members due to prosperity in business  e.t.c .

Well this ind of problem not only happens in case of joint family but even in small families which comprises of very few members as in 2 or 3 members even ,  often it is seen that when a parents are not liberal or the relation ship of both the couples are not adjustable , then in such a family fights happening regularly is very common , mainly this kind of family  is a family where male dominated the female and females are given least respect , in some family it is been seen that when there is no prosperity in financial matter and in business , the males they generally get into their habit of drinking  regularly going to bad places for their joy , they enjoy company of other women than their own wife , and when they come back home the only thing they do is to beat their wife on regular basis and uses abusive languages for both children and mothers , the common slang language they use for their wife  and children is prostitute , or that they go and do sex with other boys , they doubt heir children in every single thing  and even term them as bad and raise  question on their character , this kind of men don't   mind sleeping with other women and making sex as their daily food , and wasting their  money and making their family suffer loss , not paying money for education or clothing , they don't care for their family , they don't have the guts to fight with people outside the house but only with people inside the house  , that's their biggest weakness . They consider alcohol as their best friend and slowly they start hating those people who moves forward them in their carer and likes to make friendship with low grade , down market people as their thoughts are even down market .and then they take out their frustration by torturing their family members .

The other kind of family is where girls are considered as mean  , girls are thought to be bad if they wear short dresses   questions are raised against them , and thus in some family some girls are not sent to co educated colleges . in this situations a child becomes more aggressive and consider their parents as their enemy , and thinks mentally either o kill them or throw them out of house as a sense of revenge .
the education and concentration capacity of child is even lost , mind gets diverted to other area and some positive aspects are they become more practical in their life , becomes emotionally strong and learn how to fight bad situations in life .

The other kind of family is joint family where a person  feels irritated of constant poking of nose in others personal life , thus they feel that no privacy is left in their  life , their i lack of space in their life and they want freedom like birds. Other kinds of families are where people are disappointed about the fact they don't have a son ,  and some even though they have more then  1 daughter or son they are not being able to take care of both of them equally , partiality takes , one gets more attention and the later feels ignored , there are some parents who can see the prosperity of one child and cannot see the prosperity of  other child .there are loads of differences in different family , whereas in upper families , people living are different , they are very much liberal , and there are some families , where child doesn't like their home because differences are made between boy and girls , boys are given more preference than girls .
There are certain situation where a child doesn't enjoy their family life because they always see their parents fighting , beating , the they get divorced live separate life .

Thus making of comparison with other family is wrong , and even thinking that other family is good  and our bad is a wrong concept , where that actual fact is every family has same problem , all the vulgar slang's are used for children  and elders in  all the family so its no use of thinking about the vulgar  slang . there are some people you cant change , but you have t keep control on your emotions , and to thinking  about he worst situation continuously and move forward in life , keep your mind happy , don't brood over what has happened , and either you get used to family situation or be independent , get more involved in work make yourself busy  and speak less in home .

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Imagination is a gift given to everyone , but how to utilize your intimation is important  factor .everyone starts imagining something or other from their childhood. Imagination differs from person to person from situation to situation. when we where small we used to imagine a sky, tree , a human in different forms .our imagination makes us compare a human similar  to a cartoon  character , a hero , an animal , so on and so forth . Imagination can even lead to big invention like when we grow up , we imagine to design something big , like the owner of apple , Microsoft ( Steve jobs and bill gates ) had imagined to build something new though he did not have any knowledge  about it , but his imagination has made the thing large  and even the founder of Facebook mark Zucker Berg had imagined  something new  which was a different ideas , imagination of a person can grow up to any level .these imagination are positive imagination .some people they dream to become an actor , hero so they imagine every second like they imagine of moving up the stage taking award , , people praising and clapping , he is gaining fame , getting g down of Audi , people crowding him / her wanting for autograph , walking on the red carpet , some people they imagine of going out for a date with some actor , some imagine of going to moon looking down to the world from there .
Some people they imagine things which are very uncertain like you think that if  you propose a person then the ultimate answer he / she will  give is for sure known to u ,what your friends and others are thinning about you and u are drawing out conclusion out of it ,  thus imagining about the action , the nature of person is very uncertain in life  eg : if u had a fight with your friend , u go back home and think that tommorow for sure she will come to me and speak to me but when in reality u face the next day , it turns out to be opposite of  what yo thought , thus its better to sop imagining such things and give rs to your mind .
Most often times it has been seen that  student  see adult videos in YouTube  and they imagine those kinds of scenes  which leads to spoilage of their mind  as well as lack of thinking  properly  and misusing your imagination capability .
when a person becomes angry or when they r in the aggressiveness mood they imagine about all  negative activities like some  child's and adults they think about killing a person , uses slang language about parents and imagine how could it would be if they where not here then he  child could enjoy their life the way they want  and naturally they become furious in nature , some gets int bad habits and they  start thinking some kind of purverte things .
well when a child grows up their hormones react, they nature changes , their way of thinking changes , the term called schopophilia comes into play ( a pleasure of watching other person as an object of sex ) and thus their eager to know more about human body increases  and thus they start watching videos in YouTube and react consequently , the point is to ell that its  not wrong in watching them  but the face is to control your emotions , have self control and control in your mind or else you will fall into a wrong track ,you  get negative vibes .
The best way t get rid of this negative vibes is through meditation , it is the best tool for controlling your anger , gaining self control ,  refreshes your mind , gives you positive energy , gives your brain peace , welcomes good thoughts in mind  and thus it will help you to utilize your imagination  in correct place and for the right purpose .
IF your imagination is put in aright place then it will give you mental peace  and success , if applied in wrong way then it will take you to hell make you insane  and destroy your thinking capacity .


Thursday 9 May 2013


Love a word  which takes every teenage girl to their dreamworld . It starts from this age itself.When we grow up and reach the age of puberty,our minds and emotions react in different ways , our desires and expectations increases, our wants from life increases.It is this time when opposite  attraction between girls and boys takes place .

 Initially we consider them as friends but as days  , months , years passes by we consider them more than our friends and become emotionally attached o them .What is this "special" emotions which attracts us towards each other and we feel more close to them than our parents with whom we had spend more than 14 years of relationship .Maybe it is about sharing your feelings which is mainly kept as secrets from our parents , there are loads  of things which we don't share with them as we know that they will react negatively about it and this builds a gap and we start sharing our problems with friends  who console us and behaves like a good listener without reacting in the same manner as our parents does , they makes us feel happy even in the sad situation  an as they understand our feeling e become close to them.

Thus when a new person knocks in our life we think more about him, gather all our memories starting from small pranks to laughing , giggling , sharing secrets and moreover when we think about the situation when he used to support  us we get deep into the thought and think more about him/her and it is this time when we enjoy music , even those music which we never used to like , we get lost in other world while thinking about them and it is this age when other people think that it must be a matter of bf or gf which has led to the change in behavior . It is only this moment when we enjoy reading love story and start dreaming about our love story our " dream boy " , marriage and the dream continuously grows up . 

Some people get into a relationship too early and some bit late . Its is this time when they get into a relationship they have to face loads of ups and downs in life , some gets positive vibes and some get negative vibes they faces problems of permanent breakup , cheating , backstabbing , get ditched ad becomes lonely, when this loneliness captures the mind of people they get into habits of drinking, smoking and becomes depressed and frustrated with life and it is this time when maturity comes and the term " don't trust anyone "comes into play ,play of emotions takes place , when we are in this age we forget about choosing the right person as to deciding who is genuine person and who is not  and most of the time we realize it very late that it was not love , but it was a game where either the boy or the girl was changed like clothes and all this worst situation pulls us down , facing lack of concentration , emotional break down and failure in career. 
Well every worst situation makes a people more strong , after facing the emotional failure some people become more strong and some suffer and try to find emotional support , which is not always available in true sense .
Whereas the are some love stories where the 3 words of love are yet unspoken it still haunts them in their mind , life goes on but they don't forget the image of their love whom they were not  able to confess , now this was the true love where the person remained in his mind and the love dint die they  still find happiness by just having a glimpse of that person , not confessing your love happens mainly due to ego problem or the fear of hearing " no".

The only Solution to fight such kind of problem is 1: Maintain a distance 2: don't get emotional attached to anyone 3: don't hide your feeling within yourself it's better to hear " no"  than getting  overcrowded by thoughts , guilt and regrets 4:be a good observer 5: don't trust anyone completely 6; don't expect any thing from relationship as it will lead to emotional breakdown 6: don't be so imaginative about a relationship as it is very uncertain 7:Get more involved with your work so that you are not driven away by the thoughts of your past 8: don't be a emotional fool 9: why to think of so many people when ultimately you will have one husband and still the change in time  and nature of person ( changing nature of person is uncertain) will make you realize  one day that you have to live your life , fight with your life alone .

Sunday 5 May 2013



Is it necessary to know English for communication ? If it is necessary then how many people know English , and speak in daily life in English ? Well the answer is not everyone .Speaking in English has become a trend , a passion , a language to match the society ,It's just to show how modern you are .Most of the time it has been found that children in modern era  find out very disappointing about the fact that their parents cant speak in English  hey thin that it will make their head down in-front of his other friends , and even in colleges it is found that people make fun of those students who cant communicate in English , in colleges and schools where mainly group ism takes place students like to include only those friends who are over smart , can speak in English and has a snobbish living .Before independence everyone used to speak in their mother-tongue its only when British started ruling us , it was a necessity to know English as it was made compulsory language , so people started up with this trend of English .
Well the solution to this problem is All U have to have is self confidence , if u r confident about yourself that the medium in which you are speaking is acceptable and approachable to people then its so well so good , what is important is your words are understandable y latter ( audience ) what is more important is you speak sense , and your lecture consists of material , logic and meanings then everyone will like to listen no matter in whatever language you are speaking , Well in a place like India where everyone mother tongue is  Hindi , Marathi , Bengali , Urdu e.t.c .A common language that is understood by everyone is Hindi so in a place over here its not necessary to know  English only .Well I am not completely disagreeing with the fact the English should be boycotted as a language but instead i want to draw your whole attention to the point that there is nothing to feel shy about not knowing English , but instead you can communicate with people in which ever language you feel comfortable with and simultaneously if u have the eager to learn English then you can learn that in any age , there is no age limit for education and language . A movie which inspires this kind of situation is English Vinglish here this movie revolves around the story of a women who is a housewife from profession , both her children's and husbands are well educated and they make fun of this lady just because she don't know how to speak English , even her children insults her for the same reason , a turn took place in her life only when she went abroad to attend her cousin's wedding and she thought of learning English , when she had started learning English , she dint knew how to speak the basics even properly , she used to speak in her mother-tongue  and in  broken English , and it was not that people used to make fun of her but listen to her as she spoke sense , and ultimately she proved herself that she can speak English when her child challenged her in cousin's wedding that her mom cant speak English , and she proved herself by speaking proper English .The Villagers who don't now how to speak English it doesn't mean that people don't speak to them , but people does speak to then in their own language  and even when foreigners come to India they have the desire to learn our language , desire to learn new language . Then why is it that we only have to show that how forward we are by speaking in English , we can show that how creative and talented we are by speaking in our own language .

Friday 3 May 2013



"True Friends are hard to find ".When we enter school we meet new people ,rather than spending most of the time in home we spend most of the time in school, colleges and offices and thus once we start sharing our personal life our secrets of life with others apart from our parents and when we find that person being caring , understanding your problems , being your supporter , spending those small fun moments before we reach the teenage , age of maturity we like the term friendship but as we grow up and see the harsh competitive world around us we understand the true meaning of friendship.True friends are very difficult to find , where in this world you will find a person whom you can believe blindly , where will u find a person who will think about you first then about themselves , who can think that let my friend succeed and i will see him getting success , who will think about filling your appetite first then their , if you are in a very poor state and latter is quite rich do u think that person will give a major part of his wealth to support  your family . A Question : who doesn't want ti live a lavish life ? who doesn't want to be a emperor ? who doesn't want the opportunity to be famous and popular ?who doesn't want to be a topper ? The answer is everyone wants that , no one wants to live a life of misery not even beggar and the resources are so limited that they fight among each other to gain profit which gives rise to the feeling of cheating , betrayal , break of trust , enmity , directly or indirectly misguiding people ,backstabbing , demoralizing you , and who does all this , this is done by those whom we used to consider once a friend  as time passes by and we become busy people they don't have time to speak to you to care for you to just make one call and ask are you alive or are u dead , people pretends a lot , they might pretend that they felt very bad to listen about your death but inside them they will think thank god one competitor is gone ..Each and every single person will criticize at back of you and pretend something else in front of you , everyone will try to block your way and build their own way , its only the person who makes other person depressed , frustrated , and we build our own tension by thinking about people who wont be there at the end of our lives , when a person twist their emotions from situation to situation and remembers you when they need your help and not other way round i don't consider that person as friend , why should i waste my time about dreaming about those person , imagining about those past moments when we used to spend , when in reality we all have to face the baits from one another ?The problem is :1: We get too much emotionally attached to someone by sharing our feelings that we build a complete trust on them and ultimately that get spread through gossips , and a whole fun is created about your feelings 2: expectations from others is the biggest enemy , why cant we become practical and think that everyone has their own life , family  where first they will think about themselves and wont give importance to others , then only thing they will do is to break through your success and try to grab an opportunity for themselves
and very next day forget you .
3:Imagining and Thinking about a person unnecessary : most of the time it is seen that people think unnecessary things a lot , like what moments they had spent , imagining that what is doing now , is he thinking about me , listening a music , seeing TV and imagining both of them in that place ,thinking that i will do this and this to impress him/ her , thinking that tommorow i will tell her this plan out to go out here and there without knowing that what is going on others head ,4:Helping too much is a harm as it makes others to take u in guaranty , being always available to a person will one day hurt u . Helping is good but not in all the situation , don't try to drag into a situation where u r trying to solve others problem and u fall into that trouble and the whole blames comes to u .Once u start helping people less u come to know who is good and who is not selfish 5:In this world not everyone is going to like u , so don't  think that what others are thinking about u , as what others are thinking about u is their problem and no yours , its not necessary that everyone will praise u but the reality is everyone will try to prove themselves superior and others inferior no matter how much close they are too u .6:You are your own supporters and your friends at the end of the day is breaker of your moral support by demoralizing you , choose a correct person and don't share your feeling with everyone as there is only few genuine persons .SOLUTIONS 1: don't be so imaginative about a person , as u don't know what is he thinking .2 : Don't get too much emotionally attached to a person that at the end of the day it will hurt u and each and every day u will think about that person building your ow tension .3 : U are your own moral support , don't think others will be available to u every time as this will build more negative thoughts about that person , and make u more wild .4 : separate the real life friends and reel life friends , as both are way beyond different .5 : Don't try to be available to a person every time 6:observe a persons nature carefully 7: don't expect from a person , as u will get disappointed .8: don't try to impress a person as at the end of the day every 1 will make fun of u, backbite about u .9: Consider God toe your best friend as he is the one who has made u and always do that what is good to u and he wont demand anything from u , but will always give u .10: Once u start considering yourself to be your best friend then you will give fuck to what people thinks about u .

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Welcome to my blog share your problems and get a solution to that

HELLO friends Welcome to my blog .Well this blog is about the Problems + Solutions .How do u define a problem .Problem can be anything which can be related t psychological problem , disturbance of your mental peace of mind , your sufferance , your approach to society ,your family problem , love affairs, so on and so forth , its unlimited . It keeps on increasing every single day , even every minutes , seconds , hours and then your mind get blocked by thinking about all the negative things of the day . Many a times we think that it's only Me who is facing this problem and no one else , but to be true when we communicate with others we come to know that it's not only us but even others are facing the same thing either in small package or big package , different people have different way to tackle their problem , for some it get solved while for others it don't .Rather than thinking about your problems in your mind and drawing all kind of  negative predictions while thinking about that it's better if u share your thoughts with others an d see what others have opinion about it . Believe  your half of the burden gets relief when you communicate with others and rather than being conservative you open up your thoughts , your felling about yourself even change , many a times it happens that people draws negative character sketch about themselves and think that they are the worst person and that's y they are suffering from those problems , but  when we learn how to accept even the worst things and give a positive approach to those problems then your tension is gone . So lets try how it works , post your problem , stories of your life and find out how many people have almost the same story , how did they solve their problem and what views and opinion do they have about your problems .
www.shreom.blogspot.comHAVE A NICE AND PEACEFUL DAY AHEAD :) :)