Monday 1 July 2013


It is a very common tendency seen in maximum people, the habit of comparing themselves with others and thinking that they are inferior and that it would be better if they looked similar to their friend, relatives or someone else with whom they are fascinated. Looking up to the Bollywood and the  Hollywood celebrity like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan , Sahrukh Khan , Shakhira , Angelina Joulie  the young women and men start comparing their life with others and desire to be  like them in their appearance , life style , and they think that if they follow their path of success  even they will be successful , but this kind of thought doesn't  applies to everyone , if you really want to e successful you have to be unique person  have a  different thought to achieve success , outwardly everyone life looks beautiful but in their real life even we don’t know that what kind of worst circumstances they go through and  now as compared to them we forget that we are living a happy life as compared to others . If we look up to the top businessman like Mittal , Ambani , rattan Tata , bill gates , marks Zuberg  and think that if we do the same thing what they have done and become successful then that’s wrong as their path of success  is only right for them and wrong for us  as it was their unique idea which has made them successful , every individual top business man has a idea different from others and that’s the reason why they are successful in different ways , and  different fields . The same thing is with us if we want to be a successful person in business or in media or in any other field, we should posses a idea different from others and have confidence to implement them  and stop demoralizing ourselves by comparing ourselves to others and feeling that we are inferior to others this nature gives  a negative wives in our whole career .
It often happens that we get pissed off and irritated by our life because of no reason , the only problem is we build our own problem and brood to others that we have such a disappointing life as compared to others , we curse god that he has given us such a life  where actually we are responsible for our faults , in such a wicked society we meet with loads of people and each and every person is selfish every person has a feeling of jealousy and  most of them breaks others trust and thus we spend most of our time in thinking about what others are doing , feeling jealous of  others  and thinking how should I spoil their work to make my way , thinking about taking revenge and so on and so forth and ultimately  the whole of out thinking and harming others leads to our own destruction . If we really want that we should b the tor and want to know what others are doing then it’s better to pay complete attention to our work think about ourselves , follow the right path in life and gain fame  then we will understand that i am standing at the top and my enemies , they are still struggling .
If the question is of how to get rid of the unwanted thoughts then the best way is to read lots  of story books ,  speak to yourself loud let the wall hear what you are  saying , but never speak within your mind as that is to suffocating , the next thing is get more involved in different works , think about good memories of your past and whenever IT HAPPENS THAT YOU ARE THINKING THAT YOU ARE INFERIOR TO OTHERS THEN  THE BEST THIN TO DO IS TO  LOOK YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AND SAY THAT i AM BEAUTIFUL AND I AM THE BEST AND A WINNER , THIS KIND OF THINKING WILL GIVE P[POSITIVE ENERGY IN YOU LIFE AND YOU WILL FELL FREE TO MOVE FORWARD IN YOUR LIFE AND THEN  YOU WILL STOP COMPARING , COPYSING YOURSELF AS OTHER. When god has given every individual human with  intelligence then why should we try to copy ourselves like that of our friend, why can’t we remain what we are, be true to ourselves, be natural and not a carbon copy of other. If we try to remain what we are then we will feel confident about ourselves that I have my own unique nature different from others and that we are the best,  and then we will get to learn loads of things the most important is that we will follow our instinct and not others words and thus we won t get misguided in our lives .