Sunday 8 September 2013



Teenagers become confused due to schizophrenia which usually stars during adolescence. Confusion comes in many forms, anyone can become confused when something does not make sense and this “something that does not make sense “mainly happens in teenagers, as they go through many phases of life when the life does not seem to make sense-when we feel that we are missing something or here are some secrets t which we are not privy. Secondly when a mind completely loses touch with the reality known as “psychosis” we feel that we are confused .the four phenomena –transient confusion, schizophrenia, psychosis (life confusion) are points on a continuous spectrum of confusion, these confusion are mainly faced by teenagers, as teenagers brain are going through various thought it is difficult for a teenager to decide which kin of confusion they are facing.
Schizophrenia a distinctive set of psychological disorder starts at the age of 13 & is this stage of confusion when human brain becomes complex and  and  teenagers bears this burnt .schizophrenia helps us to understand how a human  mind works .people suffering from schizophrenia do not understand where their own chaotic thoughts processes come  from, they lose their ability to enjoy things, they conversation becomes limited ,they become socially withdrawn, emotionally unresponsive and unmotivated, they  lose the ability to plan. They become incomprehensible to people around them. Not all teenagers face schizophrenia, but most of them go through this stage, this is the most difficult stage in teenagers when a teenage cortex is desperately trying to develop its new consciousness.
Schizophrenia is a stage when brain cannot undergo much mental illness or confusion until the cognitive change of the teenage years have taken place .the brain stops growing and starts to prune away the exuberant childhood nerve branches, starts to coat previously unused pathways with fatty myelin  insulation ,activates its dopamine control system. Thus teenage mind acquires new forms of thought, self-awareness ,emotion and socialization that were not possible in the child the major illness of mankind are failures of the mental abilities we develop in our teenage years-like in case of depression it is the failure of our self-awareness circuit, whereas schizophrenia is the failure  of the teenage thoughts..Mental illness is built built into the developing brain from a very early age in the form of malformed circuits which lie dormant until the brain first tries to use them during adolescence like social withdrawal, anxiety, depression, poor concentration, irritability ,  unhappiness.
Mid Teenagers are sensitive and emotional but unable to analyse their social situation. This confusion can also make us understand the reason to mental illness. Brain scanning technique have shown that several of the areas involved in social perception, emotion and analysis have an abnormal structure in teenagers with mental illness .As we know that timing is an important matter thus timing of teenage  development is important , it suggest that the chronology of modern adolescent life has become fundamentally unnatural and harmful .Teenagers is a uniquely human phenomena, undergoing a sequence of physical and mental changes, carefully orchestrated to occur in a defined order over a prolonged period. Thus by changing time in this modern era , and daily changing society ,modern teenagers are thrust into  social environment and cultural system that are so unlike those in which they evolved, that most of them can’t cope . Not only teenagers but every [people nowadays try to make their way in the world, adapting to the modern system a, but the strain becomes so great that they fail mentally. Thus we can say that Schizophrenia is common in urban environment, especially in social disordered urban communities..
Now after knowing so many disadvantages of schizophrenia, can it have any positive impact? Yes it does .if you think it in positive manner then schizophrenia has positive impact as well. Creativity is central to human life, without it life would be boring. Creativity is an unusual mental process. It involves breaking free from run-of- the-mill ideas and making strange intellectual connections. Finding new solution to practical problems and developing new forms of artistic expression require the mind to think in an essentially confusing, non-sensical way. To make new mental links, the mind must be free to toy with apparently unrelated concepts. It must behave in a wild manner like it must run wild in an unfocused, disordered hope that it might stumble on some wonderful new truth as creativity is important, disordered and nonsensical thinking is an essential element of human mind. I heard that some people who hear divine is abnormal, but this is not true, people who hear divine voices in their head may be considered to be either Gods chosen or psychotic.

Schizophrenia is caused by a tangible, physical abnormality of the brain.It involves many problem like shrinking  hippocampus ,under stimulated prefrontal cortex, poorly developed cerebral cortical cell layers, poor communication between regions of the temporal  lobe , receding g grey matter and enlarged fluid filled spaces at the core of the brain. The Schizophrenic brain is an anatomic and chemical mess. Adolescence is a time of new vulnerability, when hidden defects emerge, it is vulnerable to mistiming of biological changes, adolescence is the victim of the unnaturalness of modern life, it is the time of failure to cope with stress, and it is the time when deep seated chemical failing of san anatomically flawed brain occurs. Thus schizophrenia is an extended exaggerated adolescence. It is the failure of the thoughts processes we happen to acquire as teenagers. Thus teenage times are the time of very complex changes taking place. Teenagers split stress into two components: they” experience stress” and deal with it. It is good to think but not too much as the prefrontal cortex is less active in schizophrenia, as there is not enough dopamine stimulating it from beneath. Thus some teenagers are inherently less able to cope with stressful situations because of “dopamine deficiency “.But even when these changes are taking place there is no need to worry as whatever changes takes place in our mind and around us happens for a good reason, it makes us experience the different phases of life, and every different thoughts teaches us a lesson by giving us a positive or negative message .Don’t take much stress and enjoy life.