Tuesday 18 June 2013


Why does suicide happens ? People think that suicide is the only way of getting rid of tension , getting rid of negative thoughts and burden in our head .It often happens that when a person don't have any work to do , and is lying idol , they go back to their past and regret their past , the go through some of the old photos, get absorbed in their past thoughts , about past relationship , their regrets of not getting something in their life , they think about some past revenges not taken , some people who had and who did not have importance in their life , and they get so much involved in that they give space to negativity , fell depressed , feels suffocated within themselves , they get irritated with their life as a result of this as they are not being able to find any solution to it they think suicide is the best way to deal with life , which in reality is wrong , committing suicide reveals your weakness , that you  don't have the will power to fight wit your life , to fight with bad things in life .
Some stories tell us that most of the suicide has taken place because people where completely heart broken of the situations like depression of not getting jobs , students think that they cant do anything in life as most of the i their own parent demoralize them so the students feels helpless , lack of family support , breakup in love , failure in life , peer pressure of friends and society .
The basic reason of suicide come in mind when we start thinking about certain things continuously , when we compare ourselves with others , when we give more importance to others and expect the same thing from others but in reality that is not possible . this is a selfish world , where mainly fake people exists should we should accept the reality as it is , and don't imagine about people those nothings which is not possible .
When young students and everyone starts comparing their material things with others and think that others are better than them . these people  who lack self confidence , think negative about them , they are the first one to commit suicide . Other reason is felling guilty of some thing , or having some kind of burden in their mind , which they are not being able to express thus they commit suicide .
being desperate to get something and not getting that , they start cursing themselves and think that if they give up their life then every tension is  gone , some people they  lack moral support , family support . When a suicide takes place then the family members are equally responsible for that , for many a times it is seen that when the head of the family or the children are not being able to fulfill the desires of the family members then family members tarts using slang language , pressurizing  them , cursing them , making them feel guilty and sometimes some parents even tell their child to go and die , this kind of negativity also has  bad impact on that person ,  and they commit suicide , thinking oneself  inferior to others  is the biggest mistake .
other problem is satisfaction , when a person is not satisfied with themselves they apply all kind of negative approaches in life to get it , which ultimately leads to depression .
There are some stories where people commit suicide because they had loved a person a lot and they ex expected same thing from them , but they did not get that , thus they think that they should commit suicide , giving up your life for someone else is foolishness , as everyone is selfish , and everyone thinks about themselves first and then others , the next story was about a girl who was not financially stable  and was not able to handle her family matters and she committed suicide , if you keep this thing in mind that in life there are loads of up and down , failure are part of life and even in those bad times if you handle failure with smile in your face you wont commit suicide . You should become more and more strong in your bad situation
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 !: don't expect from others , don't give 100% in a relationship , have self confidence , enjoy life  even in bad situation , think about yourself  mas to why have you come to this world , don't bother what others are thinking about you , stay happy with a  smile in your face  and die a natural death and not by  committing suicide .