Friday 3 May 2013



"True Friends are hard to find ".When we enter school we meet new people ,rather than spending most of the time in home we spend most of the time in school, colleges and offices and thus once we start sharing our personal life our secrets of life with others apart from our parents and when we find that person being caring , understanding your problems , being your supporter , spending those small fun moments before we reach the teenage , age of maturity we like the term friendship but as we grow up and see the harsh competitive world around us we understand the true meaning of friendship.True friends are very difficult to find , where in this world you will find a person whom you can believe blindly , where will u find a person who will think about you first then about themselves , who can think that let my friend succeed and i will see him getting success , who will think about filling your appetite first then their , if you are in a very poor state and latter is quite rich do u think that person will give a major part of his wealth to support  your family . A Question : who doesn't want ti live a lavish life ? who doesn't want to be a emperor ? who doesn't want the opportunity to be famous and popular ?who doesn't want to be a topper ? The answer is everyone wants that , no one wants to live a life of misery not even beggar and the resources are so limited that they fight among each other to gain profit which gives rise to the feeling of cheating , betrayal , break of trust , enmity , directly or indirectly misguiding people ,backstabbing , demoralizing you , and who does all this , this is done by those whom we used to consider once a friend  as time passes by and we become busy people they don't have time to speak to you to care for you to just make one call and ask are you alive or are u dead , people pretends a lot , they might pretend that they felt very bad to listen about your death but inside them they will think thank god one competitor is gone ..Each and every single person will criticize at back of you and pretend something else in front of you , everyone will try to block your way and build their own way , its only the person who makes other person depressed , frustrated , and we build our own tension by thinking about people who wont be there at the end of our lives , when a person twist their emotions from situation to situation and remembers you when they need your help and not other way round i don't consider that person as friend , why should i waste my time about dreaming about those person , imagining about those past moments when we used to spend , when in reality we all have to face the baits from one another ?The problem is :1: We get too much emotionally attached to someone by sharing our feelings that we build a complete trust on them and ultimately that get spread through gossips , and a whole fun is created about your feelings 2: expectations from others is the biggest enemy , why cant we become practical and think that everyone has their own life , family  where first they will think about themselves and wont give importance to others , then only thing they will do is to break through your success and try to grab an opportunity for themselves
and very next day forget you .
3:Imagining and Thinking about a person unnecessary : most of the time it is seen that people think unnecessary things a lot , like what moments they had spent , imagining that what is doing now , is he thinking about me , listening a music , seeing TV and imagining both of them in that place ,thinking that i will do this and this to impress him/ her , thinking that tommorow i will tell her this plan out to go out here and there without knowing that what is going on others head ,4:Helping too much is a harm as it makes others to take u in guaranty , being always available to a person will one day hurt u . Helping is good but not in all the situation , don't try to drag into a situation where u r trying to solve others problem and u fall into that trouble and the whole blames comes to u .Once u start helping people less u come to know who is good and who is not selfish 5:In this world not everyone is going to like u , so don't  think that what others are thinking about u , as what others are thinking about u is their problem and no yours , its not necessary that everyone will praise u but the reality is everyone will try to prove themselves superior and others inferior no matter how much close they are too u .6:You are your own supporters and your friends at the end of the day is breaker of your moral support by demoralizing you , choose a correct person and don't share your feeling with everyone as there is only few genuine persons .SOLUTIONS 1: don't be so imaginative about a person , as u don't know what is he thinking .2 : Don't get too much emotionally attached to a person that at the end of the day it will hurt u and each and every day u will think about that person building your ow tension .3 : U are your own moral support , don't think others will be available to u every time as this will build more negative thoughts about that person , and make u more wild .4 : separate the real life friends and reel life friends , as both are way beyond different .5 : Don't try to be available to a person every time 6:observe a persons nature carefully 7: don't expect from a person , as u will get disappointed .8: don't try to impress a person as at the end of the day every 1 will make fun of u, backbite about u .9: Consider God toe your best friend as he is the one who has made u and always do that what is good to u and he wont demand anything from u , but will always give u .10: Once u start considering yourself to be your best friend then you will give fuck to what people thinks about u .