Tuesday 14 May 2013

Imagination is a gift given to everyone , but how to utilize your intimation is important  factor .everyone starts imagining something or other from their childhood. Imagination differs from person to person from situation to situation. when we where small we used to imagine a sky, tree , a human in different forms .our imagination makes us compare a human similar  to a cartoon  character , a hero , an animal , so on and so forth . Imagination can even lead to big invention like when we grow up , we imagine to design something big , like the owner of apple , Microsoft ( Steve jobs and bill gates ) had imagined to build something new though he did not have any knowledge  about it , but his imagination has made the thing large  and even the founder of Facebook mark Zucker Berg had imagined  something new  which was a different ideas , imagination of a person can grow up to any level .these imagination are positive imagination .some people they dream to become an actor , hero so they imagine every second like they imagine of moving up the stage taking award , , people praising and clapping , he is gaining fame , getting g down of Audi , people crowding him / her wanting for autograph , walking on the red carpet , some people they imagine of going out for a date with some actor , some imagine of going to moon looking down to the world from there .
Some people they imagine things which are very uncertain like you think that if  you propose a person then the ultimate answer he / she will  give is for sure known to u ,what your friends and others are thinning about you and u are drawing out conclusion out of it ,  thus imagining about the action , the nature of person is very uncertain in life  eg : if u had a fight with your friend , u go back home and think that tommorow for sure she will come to me and speak to me but when in reality u face the next day , it turns out to be opposite of  what yo thought , thus its better to sop imagining such things and give rs to your mind .
Most often times it has been seen that  student  see adult videos in YouTube  and they imagine those kinds of scenes  which leads to spoilage of their mind  as well as lack of thinking  properly  and misusing your imagination capability .
when a person becomes angry or when they r in the aggressiveness mood they imagine about all  negative activities like some  child's and adults they think about killing a person , uses slang language about parents and imagine how could it would be if they where not here then he  child could enjoy their life the way they want  and naturally they become furious in nature , some gets int bad habits and they  start thinking some kind of purverte things .
well when a child grows up their hormones react, they nature changes , their way of thinking changes , the term called schopophilia comes into play ( a pleasure of watching other person as an object of sex ) and thus their eager to know more about human body increases  and thus they start watching videos in YouTube and react consequently , the point is to ell that its  not wrong in watching them  but the face is to control your emotions , have self control and control in your mind or else you will fall into a wrong track ,you  get negative vibes .
The best way t get rid of this negative vibes is through meditation , it is the best tool for controlling your anger , gaining self control ,  refreshes your mind , gives you positive energy , gives your brain peace , welcomes good thoughts in mind  and thus it will help you to utilize your imagination  in correct place and for the right purpose .
IF your imagination is put in aright place then it will give you mental peace  and success , if applied in wrong way then it will take you to hell make you insane  and destroy your thinking capacity .