Friday 22 November 2013

Did U Know There is Blood Test For Detecting Love ?

Hormones Produce Love
Our brain generate love using the same mechanism by which it seeks out other rewards, such as food, drink, shelter, drugs, video, games, perhaps love is not as closely linked to addiction as one might think. Love is constructed by several brain regions. The tegmentum is fired up by attractiveness and indeed, stalking behavior may result from over activity of reward-seeking pathway, but thinking about love activates other brain regions-the caudate nucleus and ‘fusiform’ and ‘angular’ gyri(ridges) of the cortex. Love is after all a many splendored thing, so it should come as no surprise that several different parts of the brain are needed to produce it.
Did you know that there are two hormones which produce love?
Oxytocin and arginine vasopressin are the ‘hormones of love in humans’. We certainly secrete both of them: oxytocin causes uterine contraction during birth and ejection of breast milk during suckling, while arginine vasopressin makes us produce concentrated urine. These chemicals play an important role in ‘love ‘related phenomena. When Oxytocin is sniffed into nose, it produces trust. Arginine Vasopressin is involved in inter-male aggression and male sexual arousal, also a surge of oxytocin is released to orgasm in both sexes, lasting up to 30 minutes. Within the brain, these chemicals could promote a feeling of ‘attachment ‘to others, and may create emotional bond that forms between parents and children’s, as well as between lovers. The transmitters  dopamine and serotonin are probably involved in the mechanism underlying mood, so it is no surprise  their level also change when we fall in love-the former increasing and the latter decreasing .This alter the activities of cerebral cortex, perhaps causing the cognitive alteration often described subjectively as ‘losing one’s senses’. Along with oxytocin and arginine vasopressin data, this suggests that love involves pervasive re-balancing of neurotransmitter in brain. All this help to draw two people together, establish them as a intensely attractive in each other’s eyes, suppress their inhibition and alter their cognition and judgement. The multi-chemical nature of love also means that we should be cautious about how we play with people’s brain chemistry. The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors commonly used to treat depression alter levels of not only serotonin, but also dopamine, oxytocin and arginine vasopressin.

Till date we know that there are various blood test for detecting diseases but now there are even blood test to detect Love disease .Nerve growth factor is a protein involved in the formation and maintenance of nervous system .Level of nerve growth factor in the blood increase when people fall in love, and rather sweetly the increase correlates with the reported intensity of their romantic feeling. This does not mean that increased amounts of nerve growth factor ‘cause ‘the love, as love could just easily be causing the increase in nerve growth factor. But this increased level of chemicals invariably decline after a year or two. This suggest that there is cerebral cut-off which limits the initial surge of romance, just as  the adolescent tendency for intense infatuation lasts only two to three years. So when you fall into Love and you face problem in your love life ,breakup with your partner , then don’t feel guilty about this fact and blame yourself that why did u meet the latter and why did u fall in love with latter , because once you start feeling guilty about yourself then you experience all negative vibes in life and ultimately go into depression so the best way is to think positively and think that it was not your fault , it is a human phenomena , the function of your hormones which creates feeling of “love” and emotional factor which leads to breakup , “breakup” never takes place from one side there is some kind of misunderstanding from both the partners.Thus there is no point of lamenting over and feeling guilty about it when you where not only the person who was involved i it but both of the couples where involved in “Love “and “breakup”.

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