Saturday 19 October 2013

Y 2 Worry???

Why Everyone Worries?
Everyone worries , even the teenagers , and the thing that worries them most is their relationship with other people .Their newly elevated level of consciousness and social self awareness means that there are more potential mistakes to worry about making .so once teenagers have established a coherent relationship with themselves and the world around them ,they face the greatest challenge of all-to develop relationships with other people .According to research one-fifth of teenagers may show signs of extreme anxiety-phobias of social situations, agoraphobia, panic attacks , fear of situation that involve scrutiny by others. Social worries usually also feed into a diminishing sense of self –esteem. Some teenagers especially girls, resort to self-harm-cutting, poisoning- to help them gain some sort of control over their emotions, and perhaps one in twenty of these will attempt suicide. There are also clear links between anxiety and other mental illness, including depression and schizophrenia.
From the social point of view, being anxious about other people is eminently sensible-we all have to consider how others see us, and also bear in mind that some people may be out to get the better of us. Anxiety can obviously be useful, but why does it sometimes get out of hand in teenagers? The reason to this question is due to stress .Stress in teenagers is often due to their social relationship, stress can also be caused by non-social cues. This type of stress stimulates the risk of bodily harm, pain, or the presence of predators, than it is to stimulate a socially embarrassing situation. These bodily effects of stress can be the most inexpicable, uncontrollable and frightening reactions to cope with. Stress and anxiety cause the release of noradrenalin and adrenaline throughout the body, either from nerve ending or the adrenal glands, they cause the symptoms of panic, which may become so severe that people worry that they are having heart attack. Anxiety is a crucial protective response, teenagers brains are wired up to learn to respond to new worrying situations. The simplest example of this is phobias, in which children’s start to associate extreme fear with something like spiders or enclosed spaces. Later on just the suggestion of an arachind or a small room can trigger the full dry mouth, pounding heart stress experience. Panic attacks are an especially dramatic example of learned stress responses. Teenagers are always learning responses to things in the outside world, and this drive to learn comes to dominate their psychology. Stressful early life has been shown to be linked to increased anxiety responses in early life. We start to learn stress responses to all sorts of things during our adolescent years, sometimes becoming increasingly anxious when we meet someone of opposite sex, or when we fall behind in our work, or when we sense social embarrassment.                      
The first great teenage social upheaval is their relationship with their parent’s changes. During the early teenage years parents change from being the central force in our lives to being far more peripheral. The most basic ,genetic explanation for this-separation from parents prevents incest when offspring reach puberty, teenagers do not just ‘drift away’, but undergo an active process of rejection of their  parents which is probably essential for their development as individuals. They become naturally defensive, aggressive and often downright unpleasant in their dealings with their parents-as do many other javelin primates ;)

Thus worries are part of life , and it increases when we think unnecessary things a lot , and think about something which is not possible to take place in real life and take things very seriously , when we start taking every small things seriously  we think a lot and get worried and when it does not happen in reality we become aggressive and impulsive , thus it’s better to accept things the ay it comes in your life and think limited , the more you think , more aggressive you become and spoil each and every  moment of life , so the best way to keep your mind free of tension is to stay calm , not think about what is gone , live in present  and keep smiling even if you have lost something .laughing brings positive energy in your life .

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