Thursday 31 October 2013


The word love is defined as subjective, intangible, and indefinable, perhaps love is too vague and by few it is defined in terms of drier concepts, such as reward, sexual attraction, mate choice or parental cooperation. Love is not invented by nature in an act of charity to the human race. Well the subjective feeling of love was evolved to bring sexual partners together and keep them together. long term maintenance of sexual partnership occurs in every vertebrate species, and thus a term used to define this is “pair-bonding ‘.Pair-Bonding is not simply a drive for continual sexual activity, instead it is thought that pair-bonding is mating strategy that encourages parental cooperation to raise successful offspring .pair-bonded species tend to produce immature offspring’s that need a lot of care. Pair-bonding species are often social, and pair-bonding may be especially conductive to social development of offspring’s. What is Romantic love?
Romantic love is a mechanism that helps human raise slow growing, socially blooming children’s ,now this is one reason  why  a person does  not fall in love before becoming fertile, there is no need for romantic love before puberty . Before puberty, children experiment sexually and they also toy with the idea of romantic infatuation. As soon as teenagers become aware of the phenomena, they realize there is an uneasy inconsistency between them which society often does not want them to investigate .Love and sex is not the same but they do overlap more during the teenage years than in adulthood. During adolescence they learn the difference between sex and love .the realization for sex and love comes sooner in boys than in girls .Teenage boys learns to get the fixes of love and sex by interacting with their partners in different ways like looking at their partners body to derive sexual pleasure and then looking at their face to experience the feeling of love. Male sexual and romantic behaviour often continues in this alternating body/face manner throughout life, and you can tell that this is even one of the reason means alarming ability to separate love and sex. humans are unpredictable creatures, similarly girls  learn to enjoy and toy with discrepancies between sex and love albeit in a more subtle way .For example  they sometimes initiate romantic contact wishing to enter a loving mental communion and at other times they wish to be used as a physical  sexual target by their partner.
Thus we can observe that teenagers face the daunting challenge of developing their sense of romantic etiquette which comprises of powerful mix of devotion, coercion, acceptance, shyness, pleasure, fear and humour. Thus facing opposite Interaction in teenage years are very common phenomena. But this topic of Love does not end here, Love is a felling which is unlimited ,it makes possible to temporarily forget the terrible facts of our own morality and thus a question to everyone” Is the love faced By TEENAGERS AND ADULTS ARE DIFFERENT “?
Well we will find answer to this question in latter articles .SO keep in touch with this site and enjoy reading.

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